Trainer & Coaches


The MCC² Trainer and Coaches are Top Managers coming from praxis and having a lot of experience as entrepreneur, in top management positions plus practical knowhow in Change Management.

Each coach is coming from a different part of the world and is familiar with culture and mentality of this region to understand the behaviour of the participants thus ensuring the intercultural approach within the training.

Karla Juegel
leading trainer & coach

Karla is Marketing Consultant, Exhibition Practitioner and educated as Change Management Trainer & Coach. She has studied economics, is focused on Marketing & Change and has over 35 years of practice in management positions of the international Exhibition Industry.

As a division manager of Mercedes-Benz and Deutsche Aerospace (Airbus) Karla was responsible for international trade fairs & exhibitions worldwide. Her duties & responsibilities in those top management positions inspired her to qualify as Change Management Coach and has implemented and coached numerous business transformation processes since.

Karla insists that Change Management has a lot to do with Marketing. “Change always starts in corporate culture and is based on people and communication.” she says.

Karla is an active member and partner within the international community of the Exhibition Industry and their associations: UFI, AUMA, CEFA, IFES, FAMAB and became an advisor to the German Ministry of Education on behalf of her brought expertise.

Karla combines her practical experiences with her professional know-how as Consultant, Coach & Trainer for the MCC² Program.

Eddie Choi
Coach – Greater China & South East Asia

CEO of Milton Exhibits Group for South Asia Region (Greater China, Singapore, India) & Managing Partner of Mills Singapore.

Before joining Milton Exhibits Group, Eddie was the Founding Partner of Frontiers Digital – a digital strategy agency based in the UK, co-founded by global marketers from AOL, MySpace, MediaRun Network – responsible for digital strategies in Asia.

Eddie has build-up his training and coaching experience as digital marketer for global B2B and B2C organisations and he is author of the book on digital marketing strategies “L’unione fa la forza” (strength through unity), published by Fondazione Fiera Milano, Italy.

As a visionary and sought-after keynote-speaker Eddie inspires his customers to new ways of thinking and operating.

Eddie combines this talent with his profound digital know-how for the MCC² Program.

Heemanshu Ashar
Coach – India

Growth Consultant & Management Coach

Heemanshu MBA with a double major in International Business and Finance and Master in Commerce with a major in Management Accounting has 26 experience in top management positions within the Exhibition Industry, Consumer Goods, Industrial products and Services across India and most continents in the world, which has built the foundation for his Growth Consultant practice today.

As Growth Consultant, Heemanshu is empowering entrepreneurs and corporations achieving business growth by new ideas, new products and new markets through leveraging the disciplines of Management, Branding, Marketing and Design. Business transformation has been part of growth strategies since.

Since 2006 Heemanshu focused on Change Management as well as Personal & Corporate Coaching as core competences of his consulting practise.

Heemanshu champions Communication as one of the most critical factors for success of Change Management Projects. From Top-down to Bottom-up, Fire-side chats as well as Outside-Inside communication, the right messaging and behavior to every stakeholder is the secret mantra that brings the organisation to achieve the change agenda.

Heemanshu combines his growth knowledge with his experience in communication & coaching for the MCC² Program.

Dr. Janos Barabas
Coach – Eastern Europe

Former General Manager of HungExpo Budapest,
UFI Vice-President & CEFA General Secretary

Janos studied in Budapest, Moscow and Toronto and is holding a PhD and MBA I Sociology and a MD in Psycho-pedagogy.

With his more than 25 years of top management experience as CEO and board chairman for national and multi-national companies & associations Janos has dealth with drastic change processes, such as the challenging transformation of a formerly state-owned exhibition organiser and venue into a private enterprise, becoming part of the French-based GL-Event Group.

Janos has substantial practice in coaching and facilitating in international teams with different interests. He knows the rules and conventions of diplomacy and his gift of finding beneficial solutions for each partner even within difficult situations has been proven in official top positions in Hungary.

Janos combines his academic background in psychology & sociology with his significant top management praxis for the MCC² Program.

Klaus Doppler
Coach – Germany

Consultant, Coach & Trainer for Change Management & Corporate Development

Klaus is Consultant, Coach and Trainer for Change Management & Corporate Development. Psychologist, Co-founder of the magazine “Organisationsentwicklung” (Organisational Development) and author of several groundbreaking books on Change Management, Leadership and Group Dynamics, which as well have been published in English and Chinese.

Klaus has more that 30 years of experience in top-management coaching and consulting in various industries and is internationally renowned for this leading expertise in Change Management.