Structure & Characteristic of MCC2 Program


The MCC² Program requires a special time period due to the bi-learning structure which combines theory and praxis. The schedule allows times to develop the progress of the individual Change Management Projects within the company.

The MCC² Program will be scheduled individually within a time frame of approx. six to eights months covering the different steps of the Program. The intervals between each step are planned carefully to allow time in regard to the ongoing praxis projects.

The MCC² Program has three bi-learning steps. Each step combines lectures and workshops plus supervision and coaching.
lectures and workshops provide the theoretical know-how of the typical phases & principles of Change Management
professional supervision & personal feedback support the participants to manage the individual obstacles

Each step has a special focus with individual topics & workshops:

MCC² Step 1:      Managing Corporate Change
MCC² Step 2:      Group Dynamics & Leadership
MCC² Step 3:      Conflict-Management & Future Stability

The time frame of the MCC² Program will be scheduled individually.


To learn also means to unlearn.

       Karla Juegel – CEO Messe | Marketing