MCC² – Managing Corporate Change

A Training & Coaching Program to support the Implementation of
Change Management Projects


MCC² is an international Change Management Training & Coaching Program for managers and decision makers of the Exhibition Industry and related partners.

The MCC² Program provides the missing link between the Change and its implementation by combining theory & praxis offering supervision of a Change Project together with a thorough change management training plus personal coaching & feedback.

The MCC² Program combines consulting, coaching & training for each participant by offering
• professional knowledge about Change Management plus
• individual supervision in regard to the participant’s specific project plus
• personal coaching and feedback

The MCC² Idea has been found to close the gap between theory and praxis. The Program was initiated 1998 by Karla Juegel, Founder & CEO of Messe | Marketing, Munich. It started as an In-house Program and developed into a unique international Campus Program for associations, corporates, or any kind of organisation worldwide.

The MCC² Program offers two different formats:
• The In-house Program: individually performed for a single company
• The Campus Program: hosted by a contracting partner and open for numerous different companies

The MCC² Program supports the implementation of ongoing Business Transformation Processes. It is structured to support and enhance not only the individual change but also the business, the management and the participants.

The MCC² Coaches are top managers, entrepreneurs and visionary coming from praxis and are experienced in Change Management. The team represents different regions of the world and its specific business behaviour to understand the culture and mentally of the participants.