Managing Corporate Change

MCC² Program


Change Management has become a major topic worldwide and is subject to many different areas and decisions.

Political, social, technological or ecological conditions are changing more rapidly and intensely. And all of these changes impact our routine in business today.

Every manager who is involved in a Business Transformation Process has to answer major questions, like:

Why Change at all?
Which kind of consequences will occur?

Unfortunately more than 50% of all Change-Concepts struggle already during the Implementation Process. The reason: unforeseen internal obstacles and challenges have occurred which slow-down the process or even threaten the entire project.

What can be done to avoid failure?

We know from experience that every Change Management Process needs additional care: a program which supports the Implementation of the Change.


The MCC² Program is created to meet those challenges either as In-house Program or as Campus Program.

This unique Program supports the Change during the Implementation of the Business Transformation Process.


Change always occurs in the mind of the people not on paper or in strategy.

    Karla Juegel – CEO Messe | Marketing